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Villám Rózsa - Arts by JB Seitz {Hungarian Folk Art Creations}

This web site is dedicated to the Memory of my Wonderful Mentor and Teacher in Hungarian Folk Arts, one of Hungary’s famed sculptresses, Rózsa von Villám (Gyöngyös, 1903 May 26.–Budapest, 1987 November 30).  As a child I spent many hours, days and months in her studio during the mid 1950s.  I kneaded the clay preparing it for her use.  I kept it moist to allow her to use it without delay.  When I attempted to create things out of the clay, her hands guided mine in shaping forms, faces and torsos.  Her love of the art of sculpting showed through in all her works.  Many of her sculptures adorned Budapest and some still stand today.  She was a well-educated noble and thus the communist party considered her an outcast.  Due to her refusal to join the Communist Party, she was never allowed to flourish as an artist of her caliber should have.  One of her now more renowned works, tha Bust of Mario Lanza (below), smuggled out of Hungary in 1964, can be found in the Mario Lanza Museum in Philadelphia, PA. 

I was honored to visit her studio in 1964, during my Easter holiday from school in West Germany.  The terracotta bust of Mario Lanza was receiving its finishing touches and she invited me to feel the work.  I could not resist running my hands and fingers over its sculpted surface. To this day I remember the feel of every groove, etching, curve and contour of this beautiful statue.  Her handy-work was always exquisite in both serious as well as child folklore statues.  I have the honor and pleasure of possessing a number of pieces of her work in my collection.  They are timeless and priceless!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that my family has a strong artistic gene stretching back for generations.  My mother, Brigitta, father, Jeno, as well as my grandfather, also Jeno, were artists in their own rights.  My mother, a CPA educated in Hungary, was an exceptional painter.  Her talents, and precision, were such that she also painted for the renowned Denoyer-Geppert Science Company that produced life size, and often enlarged cross sections, of human and animal anatomy and anatomical parts.  My father, who was a Regal Lawyer by Education in Hungary, was also an artist in pencil, ink and carving.  My grandfather, who grew up a noble in the Hapsburg Royal Court, owned the Seitz Chocolate Factory in Hungary.  The factory exported all over the world, to include the US.  My grandfather created his own wood carved molds for the variety of confectionery shapes that they produced.  My brother, István, also inherited artistic genes and can paint and draw with astonishingly beautiful results.  Few of the creations of my parents and grandparents survived the Revolution and subsequent move to the United States.  Still, I am pleased to display, at least some of the items that did survive, for your viewing pleasure (located in the "Photos" Section).

Ever since my years in Hungary, Germany and now in the United States, I have been honing my talents in various arts.  I have worked with paints, clay, woodcarvings and wood etching using wood burners, as I made gifts for family, friends and colleagues.  I have placed a number of items at my store web site for your perusal and for sale.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to Email me and I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

One of a Kind Creations by Jenö B. Seitz ....


To review ideas for any gift you may want created, please click and browse the Sample Items Album. Send me an Email at and I will be happy to review possibilities with you. Thank you very much for looking at my work.

Best wishes, Jeno 

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The video showcases the variety of media that I work in. I hope it will give you ideas for any gifts you may wish to have made for someone special. The only limiting factor is the breadth and depth of one's imagination. 
    If you wish to look through the pictures one by one, just click on the "photos" field above right and you will be able
to move between the pictures back and forth.                 Remember, your imagination is where gifts begin! 
Thank you for visiting, Jeno 

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